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Bulk SMS Marketing Service Sri Lanka

SMS stands for short message server, or otherwise known as text messages. SMS Marketing, also known as Text Message Marketing is a marketing method that allows businesses use text message to send messages like specials, coupons, promotions, alerts, and so forth directly to their audiences’ mobile devices. These permission-based text messages are highly targeted, and are usually opted-in by mobile device users that want to receive text messages from businesses.

SMS Messages are instant. Allowing you to reach your audience instantly. And literally put your message into your subscribers’ pockets or purses only seconds after you send your text. The average time it takes for all mobile carriers. And SMS services to send and receive a message is less than 7 seconds. But more importantly, the average time that it takes for an individual to open your text message after they’ve received it on their mobile device is only 4 minutes. Compare this to 48 hours for email messages.

SMS Marketing Service was started long time ago, but Short Message Service  (SMS) – or text messages – are still one of the most effective and Bigger Impact marketing tools available.In short, SMS marketing uses mobile devices to transfer marketing communication to interested consumers. It is a very low cost method with the potential for high return on investment. SMS places promotions, updates or customer service notices directly into the pockets of your potential customers. We are now also able to send rich media text messages, such as video, audio or images. 


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